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I just finished A Link Between Worlds

Damn this game was really good. The ending was really beautiful and the final battle epic easy tho

And DAMN the ending got the best plot twist in these games, never saw it coming the first plot twist was kinda obvious but DAMN the second one

I really loved this game, I wish I could just forget I played it so I could just play it all over again

Played some more, fooled around Lorule for some minutes and cleared two dungeons more. Gotta say the difficulty got a little higher just when I got to this world.

the Desert Palace’s boss was hard, I needed 3 tries to beat it ;A;

Holy shit

Just got past after Hyrule Castle and…damn

I knew you’d have to go to the other world one way or another because that’s what happened in the other game but that wasn’t anything I expected

And Lorule is so different from Hyrule

this whole thing left me like

Aside from more Zelda, today I played the recently released first case of My Little Investigations

I liked it quite a bit. The controls were good like a point-and-click has to be and the writing made me chuckle sometimes. The difficult was alright for Case 1 though I had to retry the last confrontation

The story itself was good and simple. And there was a Scoota-Dash moment at the middle that made me feel-y.

I aplaud the work of Equestrian Dreamers for having made this, one of the game I was most waiting for in this fandom, good to play. I’m eager to play the 2nd Case whenever it’s finished. But I hope I have a better computer by then. This old thing can’t run properly this stuff

So it's as good as it looks??? Holy crap. That's amazing. Do you think it'd be a good "first Zelda game ever?" thing?

Well this one isn’t really difficult, but it also offers some challenge, so it can be a good starter. I spent some time wondering around the overworld since I didn’t know where to go, and the game even points you where to go xD

Honestly, any Zelda game can be good for a first play, but this can be more enjoyable to people who has played A Link to the Past first, since it’s the same overworld and it cointains some references of the previous game, so it may bring good memories of that game.

But still, it’s a good game even if you haven’t played the first one. I recommend it :)

shit I got hooked to A Link Between Worlds

seriously I don’t remember the last time I played a Zelda game and liked it this much except for OOT3D



The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: First Impression

oh my god link moves so fluidly and the camera moves everything feels so fast

That’s really all it takes for a game to catch my attention and keep it—excellent motion and cinematography.

Can I just say how good the 3D scenes look. Like damn, that looks really good for a ”Looking from upside” zelda game. They look almost as good as Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: First Impression

oh my god link moves so fluidly and the camera moves everything feels so fast

askquin said: there was a beautifull piece of wood in the picture

askquin said: a piece of wood?

what did you just say biatch?