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why  :c

This is perfection.





it feels exactly how it looks too lol

Transformer puns
Bright "Chimera" Dragon: Guys help a Decepticon started following me
Bright "Chimera" Dragon: What do I do
Azurite Ichora: lol
Azurite Ichora: umm
Jag (Amazing Angel): Starscream
Bright "Chimera" Dragon: OMFS
Bright "Chimera" Dragon: JAG
Bright "Chimera" Dragon: NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR PUNS
Bright "Chimera" Dragon: FUCK
Azurite Ichora: lol
Jag (Amazing Angel): holy fuck, I didn't intend it xD
Motivation and Ideas are like Heisenbergs Uncertainty principle:
If you have one, you will never have the other
Me giving the answer why you will never have Motivation and Ideas at the same time (via just-wolvan)
Followers, please give love to this person


I know I should be working on updates for this blog, but there’s something that happened these last days and my good friend Wolvan was forced to delete his blog, mlpixelponies, thus deleting his account.

So please, whether you were following him or not, follow THIS BLOG and show Wolvan some love on this rough time he’s having right now.

Thank you so much for understanding

Reblogging here too for my modbleh followers

I finished playing the english translation of Ace Attorney Investigations 2

My god…that was a freaking ride, I never thought I’d find a game nearly as good as Trials & Tribulations. This just became my favorite game in the entire series.

It’s almost depressing that Capcom didn’t localize this game.

Today in Sports


The world cup be like:


Today I’ve been given the results of my exams. I passed and after summer I’ll be in college studying I.T.

This is what I bought as a prize: A new laptop (in which I’m right now) and the first games of the Ace Attorney and Professor Layton series (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Professor Layton and the Curious Village)

I’m getting now these games and the rest so I can finally play all the series (and own them) before I play Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

I might consider to try taking comissions in order to do that and to practise getting money when I’m in college by taking comissions

Ace Attorney Investigations 2 translation has been finished.

After 3 years, it’s finally in English ;-;

Weh, looks like E3 took place while I took my exams. And Tumblr made Donut day and today is the Football World cup?

Damn, how many stuff did I miss?


Today I finished my last exam and now I’m on vacation!

Now to wait for the results and see if I got enough score to go to college -w-